'Poems I brought down from the mountain' book coverPoems I Brought Down from the Mountain, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published 1999 by Nineties Press, 128 pages, ISBN 1883070031 (ISBN13: 9781883070038) Order this book →

 'Drum of Stone' book coverDrum of Stone, by Humberto Ak'abal, Robertson James (Editor), Rosemary Burnett (Translator), Iain Mcintosh (Illustrator), Published 2010 by Kettillonia, 80 pages, ISBN 1902944275

Guardián de la caída de agua ("Guardian of the Waterfall" in English), by Humberto Ak'abal, book of the year by Association of Guatemalan Journalists - received their Golden Quetzal award in 1993

 'Entre patojos' book coverEntre patojos / Among patojos, by Humberto A'kabal, 2005, 160 pages ISBN139789992210970

 'Ch'analik' book coverCh'analik, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published by Cholsamaj 140 pages, ISBN 9789992256

Saq'irisanik: Cielo Amarillo (Mar remoto), by Humberto Ak'abal, 148 pages, ISBN 8477854009 (ISBN13: 9788477854005)

Kamoyoyik, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published 2002 by Cholsamaj, 194 pages, ISBN 9992253169

Otras Veces Soy Jaguar, by Humberto Ak'abal, Amelia Lau (Illustrator), Published 2006 by Piedra Santa, ISBN 9992211687 (ISBN13: 9789992211687)

 'Ovillo De Seda' book coverOvillo De Seda, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published 2001 by Librerías Artemis Edinter, 43 pages

El animalero/The Animal Gathering, by Humberto Ak'abal Published 2008 by Piedra Santa, ISBN 9992212411 (ISBN13: 9789992212417)

Donde los árboles, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published 2010 by Amargord, 186 pages, ISBN139788492560677

Kamoyoyik, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published 2002 by Cholsamaj, 194 pages, ISBN 9992253169

 'Lluvia de Luna En La Cipresalad' book coverLluvia de Luna En La Cipresalada, by Humberto Ak'abal, Published 2007, 2000 (first published 1996) by Artemis & Edinter, 112 pages, ISBN 8489452806 (ISBN13: 9788489452800)

 'Con los ojos despues del mar (Vado ancho)' book coverCon los ojos despues del mar (Vado ancho), by Humberto Ak'abal, Publisher Editorial Praxis, 2000 124 pages, ISBN-10: 9706820345 ISBN-13: 978-9706820341

Donde los Arboles ISBN-10: 8492560673 ISBN-13: 978-8492560677

Corazon De Toro (Spanish Edition) by Humberto Ak'Abal, Editorial Artemis-Edinter 2002, 50 pages, ISBN-10: 8489766940 ISBN-13: 978-8489766945

Desnuda como la primera vez by Humberto Ak'abal, Publisher: Artemis Edinter; 2. ed edition 2000, 118 pages, ISBN-10: 8489766606 ISBN-13: 978-8489766600

Hojas del arbol pajarero, by Humberto Ak'Abal, Editorial Praxis; 1. ed edition 1995, 108 pages, ISBN-10: 968650978X ISBN-13: 978-9686509786

 'Guardian de la caida de agua' book coverGuardian de la caida de agua, by Humberto Ak'Abal, Publisher: Serviprensa Centroamericana 1993, 138 pages, ASIN: B0000D6RR1, Publisher: Cholsamaj (2004) ISBN-10: 9992256052 ISBN-13: 978-9992256053

 'Le Gardien de la Chute d'Eau' book coverLe Gardien de la Chute d'Eau, by Humberto Ak'Abal, Publisher: L'Harmattan; HARMATTAN edition French, ISBN-10: 2738453287 ISBN-13: 978-273845328

 'Las Palabras Crecen' book coverLas Palabras Crecen, by Humberto Ak'Abal, Publisher: Sibilina (2011) ISBN-10: 849366698X ISBN-13: 978-8493666989

Tejiendo Las Huellas/ Weaving the Footprints, by Humberto Ak'Abal, Publisher: F & G Editores 2006, 128 pages, ISBN-10: 9974559758 ISBN-13: 978-9974559752

Ajkem tzij: Tejedor de palabras (kiche'-espanol), by Humberto Ak'Abal, Publisher: Fundacion Carlos F. Novella 1996, ASIN: B0046I3KE0